Salvation Streams

About us:

We Live for Serving the Suffering


Salvation Streams is a faith-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization, established 25 years ago with mission to help the poor and suffering mostly in the developing countries. We have repeatedly proven to be very focused on only one thing – that is serving God’s children.  We use only volunteers to serve because  we must get every dollar we collect to the children of God to make the intended impact.  We also use our own hard-earned money to make a difference in the community we are serving.  It comes directly from their hearts with a smile, without a price tag.
Our unconditional promise to you is that your money will be used:
  • 100% for Purpose – Rebuild Their Dreams
  • 100% Direct Giving – Full Transparency
  • 100% Success Rate – Sustainable Impact
  • 100% Volunteers – Comes from the Heart

Our Purpose:

  • Feed hungry children and their families
  • Provide basic clothes for the entire family
  • Provide basic medical supplies
  • Rebuild the dreams of the people lost hope
  • We provide vital services to those in need & give a chance to get back on their feet
Our track record of serving over a million God’s people across the globe speaks for itself:
  • Clothed the poor
  • Fed the hungry
  • Helped the Homeless to get back on their feet
  • Served the Lepers
  • Held medical camp
  • Conducted cataract surgeries poor elderly
  • Provided clean water
  • Helped to build homes
  • Built homes
  • Provided medical supplies
  • Served food baskets to hundreds
See select photographs of our service.
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