The Times of India Article – God is an Awesome God

Thank you!!! I pace the seasons of MY life in God’s hands: Everyday, I ask God to transform my attitudes and bring positive results out of negative situations as I travel through life’s seasons. I totally rely on God’s unchanging power in the midst of changes and unbearable challenges I experience in all aspects of my life. Rather than battling the daily trials I find myself in, I ask my God what He wants me to learn from it, and trust Him to give me the encouragement and strength I need to just get through the moment. Whenever I am going through tough times (it is too often), I serve my Lord and His children to take my focus off myself and find genuine enjoyment as God broadens my perspective. I clearly know that, while life is unpredictable, faith in my powerful and compassionate God will always stand. I am grateful to each one of you – my beloved friends – for your unchanging love and prayers!


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