Special Prayer for COVID-19:

Special Prayer for COVID-19:

My most beloved friends, Good early Sunday morning from my prayer room in our home. I know, things are beginning to look very frightening. Our Lord is telling us – Do not be afraid. He is asking us – Don’t we have Faith in Him? Let us cast all our anxieties and fear on our God. Let me assure you that, more than anyone, He cares about us! He is seeing our tears and hearing our cries.

I love you! This prayer is specially for you and your family, and for my loving frontline healthcare workers and their families…….. He will/will end this Pandemic soon. He will protect and heal those Love Him and have unconditional Faith in Him!

We must continue to practice “Social Distancing”. This the only way we can help God to defeat the invisible enemy. Pray for this Achen and Family!



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