Dormition of Theotokos (Κοιμήσεως της Θεοτόκου)

Each year on August 15, the Feast of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin Mary (Theotokos) is celebrated. It is also known as the “falling asleep,” repose or kimisis of the Virgin Mary, mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Feast also commemorates the Assumption of the body of the Theotokos into heaven.

The Epitaph (Tomb) of Our Holy Virgin Mary in Gethsemane

According to the Holy Scriptures, Christ was dying on the cross and saw His mother and His disciple John.  He said, “Woman, behold your son!” to the Virgin Mary and “Behold your mother!” to John. From that moment, Apostle John took care of the Virgin Mary/Theotokos at his home in Jerusalem.  All of the Apostles except Apostle Thomas were at her bedside when she “fell asleep,” and the Lord Jesus Christ came down and carried her soul to heaven.  The body of the Theotokos was laid in a tomb near the Garden of Gethsemane, but the tomb was empty three days later when Apostle Thomas went to see her. The assumption of the Theotokos (the body) was later confirmed by an angel and by an appearance She made in front of the Apostles.

Being alive in heaven, as Queen and Mother of our Lord, we can now ask her to intercede in prayer to her Son for us, to help us transform our own impending death into the same Passover victory over death.  Mary’s blessedness belongs to all who “hear the word of God and keep it”. Our Lady, the Mother of God shows us how we also should die…with “our souls magnifying the Lord and our Spirit rejoicing in God our Savior.”  

May the intercession of Holy Virgin Mary help us to face those many daily challenges in life.


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