Anniversary of my Holy Ordination

32nd Anniversary of my Holy Ordination to the Priesthood

Dear Friends, Today marks the 32nd anniversary of my Holy Ordination to the Priesthood: My priesthood began by answering His call. Not only the call to enter seminary, but to keep answering that call every day of my life. For me, being a priest has been an awesome honor and responsibility. My Ajitha, my dearest friend and wife for 32 years, our beloved children Alyssa, Natasha, and Elijah have sacrificed the most for my ministry. My father, late Koshy Kurien and my father-in-law, late Varghese Mathew guided me to excel in everything, are the heroes of my life and faith. My beloved mother, late Pennamma Kurien’s unconditional love and faith kept me strong. My merciful God always stood before and behind and beside me. Nothing gave me greater joy than to have served YOU for 32 years, especially at a significant or difficult time in your lives when you were at a crossroad. Thank you for your continued love and prayers. Love you. Fr. Alexander Kurien


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