URGENT Action Request Kerala Relief

Urgent Action Request for Kerala Relief

The issue in Kerala is NOT that people across the world are not giving money or extending other forms of assistance! My phone conversations last night with several relief coordinators in Kerala indicated that, although crores and crores of rupees are pouring into CM’s relief funds (most probably 2000 plus Crores rupees already in the account), the relief agencies and coordinators facing too many red tapes and bureaucratic processes to receive these funds to make a difference in their relief efforts. There is a quasi-government doctor’s group, actually appointed the CM, even having difficulties in getting necessary funds to conduct their relief activities. Millions of people are doing their own independent relief activities. Please DO NOT wait to complete your fund raising efforts first to get this money tp the relief agencies. Please get the money on a daily basis to the actual relief agencies in Kerala!

The Indian Central Government hasn’t yet declared “State of Emergency” for our Kerala. In addition, the Prime Minister hasn’t requested other nations, actually ready waiting to help to assist the people of INDIA (last I checked – Kerala is still part of India hoisting same flag). How can we have such discrimination within the country. If the Central Government made such declaration of a “State of Emergency” for Kerala and ease up diplomatic processes and channels, global relief NGOs will outpour their global help in to our poor Kerala struggling and suffering from this natural disaster. I pray that someone (like World Malayalee Association) will take the leadership in getting such petitions to the appropriate authorities may loosen up these red tapes. Otherwise, by the time these cash gets through the red tape to appropriate relief agencies, many more will die from diseases such a Malaria and other infectious dioceses will take control of our State. There is not petrol, gas, medicines, clothes, food, and other necessary supplies in Kerala for the suffering people. Please pray and step in to help. Thank you for listening my dearest friends!!!


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