Here is the Prayer you can use on Sunday

A Prayer for the Victims of the deadly flooding in Kerala: Heavenly Father our Benevolent Lord, Creator and Sustainer of us all, hear us, Your children, at this time of unbearable pain and disbelief from this natural calamity in our State Kerala, resulting in over 400 deaths (accounted so far) and 200,000 plus still stranded in flooded homes and unsafe buildings. We come to You because You are our Savior and Benefactor Who grants peace and solace to those who suffer. It is only You that can heal our wounds and ease our pain, especially of those crying families of those lost their loved ones.  There are so many stranded in unsafe flooded buildings.  We here by pray that you comfort the citizens of Kerala at this time of terrible tragedy of trial and crisis.  Grant everyone, especially those families and friends affected, Your Peace, Comfort, Strength, Faith, Hope, Touch, Your Love and assistance.  Touch and heal those surviving families and friends. Work through the military, navy, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and emergency crews helping those many affected families. Thank you for those Indian states, foreign nations, friends, and families coming to our aid.  We also pray for the emergency responders, the heroes of today, the local and national law enforcement personnel, and the government officials responded and assisting the Victims. We ask this of you, for You are a benevolent and loving God and to You do we ascribe glory, to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.  Amen


My dear friends, Please, there are so many fake news on Facebook trying to scare us and our families and relatives in Kerala. Furthermore, there are plenty of heroes popping up here and there using fraud fundraising schemes across Facebook and on other social media sites, in the name of associations, prayer groups and churches, etc. Do NOT fall for them. Please, just be extremely careful. Donate ONLY to those verified sites that WILL get 100% of your funds directly to our suffering families and friends in Kerala. Let us support commendable efforts taken by the state govt., We should focus primarily on mobilizing donations to CM disaster relief fund and raising rescue/other requests at the dedicated website for relief work co-ordination.

It is my humble opinion that, Churches, associations, and families requesting relief fund donations first should cancel all extravagant celebrations and donate 100% of those funds first to help our families and friends in Kerala! How can we spend thousands of dollars in celebration while asking donations and our beloved families are struggling for a meal and lost everything in their lives. Especially when the estimated damages-approaching ₹ 15,000 Crores! It is not logical in the eyes of God.

Make your contributions directly to the Kerala Government Relief Fund. You will get the government receipt right away. Direct website is:

1. https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/

2. https://keralarescue.in/

3. https://keralarescue.in/request/

4. https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/PLEASE HELP our PEOPLE!

5. http://Keralarescue.in

6. Go to Amazon Cares on Amazon India, pick an NGO of your choice, browse items in their Wishlist, add to cart and check out using the address provided – http://bit.ly/amazonkerala

7. Use Bigbasket.com (a grocery delivery app and wbebsite) to send relief supplies like groceries (rice, dal, salt, sugar, tea, milk powder, biscuits, tetrapack milk, oil), personal care items (soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, sanitary napkins) and other essentials like candles, matchboxes, dettol, cleaning supplies and so on. They already have a tie up with Goonj – https://www.bigbasket.com/bb/csr/21/kerala-flood-relief/

God bless you abundantly for your prayers for our beloved Kerala families.


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