Dormition (Falling Asleep) of our Most Holy Theotokos

Καλή νηστεία γιά τήν Παναγία…(Good fasting for the Most Holy Virgin Mary…)

Our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, during this 15-day Lent in honor of your dormition (Falling Asleep), we affirm through this Feast as we journey toward our heavenly abode that the Mother of God intercedes for us. Through Christ she has become the mother of all of the children of God, embracing us with divine love.  Our Most Holy Virgin Mary, Please Intercede for my family and friends suffering, sick, and struggling in life from various trials and tribulations.  We Believe in your Intercession! Those who believe in the Her Intercession, please read the below prayers twice everyday during this Lent.

Intercessory Prayers to the Holy Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary, our most gracious Queen and our hope; shelter of orphans, and protector of travelers, joy of the grieving, interceder for the sick, suffering, and poor!  See our distress; see our affliction. Please assist us, for we are helpless; direct us, for we are strangers. You know our offense, — ease it as You will. For we have no other help but Yours; no other intercessor, nor gracious consoler but You. O Virgin Mary. Protect us and shelter us for all time. Amen.

It is truly meet to bless Thee, O Theotokos, the ever blessed and most immaculate, and the Mother of our God. More honorable than the Cherubim and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim. Thee, who without defilement gavest birth to God the Word, the true Mother of God, we magnify Thee.

Theotokos Holy Virgin! Rejoice Blessed Mary, the Lord is with You! Blessed are You among women, and blessed is the Fruit of Your womb, because You gave birth to the Savior of our souls.


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