The Most Holy Theotokos Intercede for Us!

8-Day Lent comes to a conclusion:

Most Holy Theotokos remember us in our times of trials and tribulations of this challenging world.    Please Intercede for those:

  1. Poor, Hungry, and the Homeless
  2. Suffering from various illness – Cancer, arthritis, heart, etc..
  3. Lost their jobs and facing financial challenges.
  4. Separated from someone they love. 
  5. Families of the Victims of September 11 and other Terrorist Acts. 
  6. Weak in our faith and hope. 
  7. Fearful and anxious about the unknowns of this world.
  8. Couples crying for a child in their lives. 
  9. Facing family challenges.
  10. Lost their loved ones.



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