Sermons on Salvation

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Rooms in my Father’s House

Rooms in my Father’s House Sunday of All Faithful Departed Most Christians who have departed from this life were neither martyrs nor confessors. They were not particularly distinguished by their death or by their way of life. They were straightforward, ordinary people who nevertheless made a great impact on those around them. Who when they…

My Need for Spiritual Oxygen

I do not know about you, but I can always benefit from a strengthening of my belief. Sometimes I get so busy – so caught up in my stuff that I neglect to plug into the spiritual oxygen that I need. And in confusion of oxygen deprivation I wander away from the source of life itself. Rather than coming to Christ I turn to other sources to find affirmation and security and fulfillment – which is about as healthy and life giving as wandering around Mt. Everest in a blizzard. The truth is I need the Bread of Life. I need His satisfaction.