Farewell & Funeral Service of Mrs. Pennamma Kurien

To my most beloved friends, My Amma’s viewing began at 8:30 am and the funeral/burial ended at 5:30 pm on 17th April (Wednesday). We had several Orthodox and Marthoma bishops and numerous priests attended from both sides. She was very blessed and fortunate to receive a complete Orthodox and full Marthoma funeral services. Well wishers and loved ones came to bid farewell from US, Middle East and all over India. We received condolence letters from many dignitaries including our beloved Bava Thirumeni, Nicholavos Thirumeni , Yulios Thirumeni, Milithios Thirumeni , Eusebius Thirumeni, Chrisostomos Thirumeni, Clemis Thirumeni, Irenaios Thirumeni, etc. Not enough words to thank Joshua Mar Niccodimos and Gabriel Mar Gregorios Thirumeni to travel all the way to pallippad to officiate the orthodox funeral prayers. Theethos Thirumeni, Thimotheos Thirumeni, Coorilos Thirumeni, and Marthoma Valiya Thirumeni (Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan) officiated the Marthoma Funeral Services. I have no words to thank former President Mr. Obama and current President Mr. Trump for keeping me and family in their valuable thoughts. Also our sincere thanks to all the Kerala politicians attended including Mr. Ramesh Chennithala, Shany Mol, and condolence note from Former Chief Minister of Kerala Oommen Chandy. Love you all for your sacrifices.

My Amma received a very royal funeral as she deserved it for leading an amazing God fearing and faithful life. She will be missed so dearly by many. She dedicated her entire life to proudly raise her children in Christ to be who we are today. Thanking God for blessing us with such an amazing mother! I am always proud to be known as her son!

We kept our promise of bringing her home to be buried next to her beloved husband, our Father! We are grateful to God for providing Amma the best dignified farewell and funeral! Her funeral was watched by over 75,000 people across the globe and the Tribute Video has been watched by over 3,000 people. Thank YOU for being so loving and thoughtful. Please pray for me and my family.  Fr. Alexander Kurien.

Farewell & Funeral Service of Mrs. Pennamma Kurien


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